What Horse Hoof Trimming Tools Do You Need To Trim Horse Hooves?

Read here what is horse hoof trimming tools do you need to trim horse hooves? This article will help you find the basic farrier tools for your horse.

The hooves of horses usually grow too long from time to time. This requires that you trim to keep the same in shape. You have to make use of some pieces of equipment to do that. These form the basis of our discussions here.

10 Basic Horse Hoof Trimming Tools

Hoof Tester

Even before attempting to trim the hooves of the horses, you have to test and find out if there be any pain and if yes, where exactly it is. This is, of course, vital to prevent any further harms and pains when trimming the hooves.

Hoof Gauge

This is a piece of equipment you use to ascertain the correct balance of the feet of the horse. It in particular checks the angles and the orientation of the feet. The gadget delivers more objective measurements and outcomes.

Hoof Stand

After you are done with a nailing job, you engage the hoof stand to finish the same. The tool eases the strains that are often felt when lifting an injured leg. Given its availability in many shapes and sizes, you have to exercise some due diligence when finding one.

Nailing or Clinching Block

The clenching or nailing block is a small piece of metal that contains an angular edge. When placed beneath a wrung-off nail, it plays the role of setting the nails right before clinching. It also comes in handy when pulling off the shoe.

Nail Clincher

As its name implies, this one is primarily useful when attempting to fold the nail over to maintain the horseshoe on the hoof. It is available in two main kinds, one that has the shape of an alligator while the other as a ball.

Farrier’s Nailing Hammer

When fixing the shoes of horses in place, the nail hammer comes in to drive the nails deep down. They are smaller and tougher. As such, they are better placed to do a great job. Be sure not to punch them hard though.


It is atop the anvil that you place the shoes of the horses to mold, shape, and style them appropriately. The anvil gives the strength, support, and vitality needed to drive the nails just fine. You have to find the right anvil for the job.

Hoof Nippers

If all you want is to cut the walls of the hoofs down to the desired lengths or any excess or damaged soles, the nippers come in handy. You will find them particularly handy when eliminating an overgrown hoof or the need to cut off excess rasping.

Farrier’s Knife

Knives are mainly used for cutting excess soles as well as the frog that is found at the feet of the horse. These knives are available on the left and right-hand versions. You have to check out the one that suits your own hands.

Farrier’s Rasp

A rasp serves many tasks and purposes owing to its multipurpose and highly versatile nature. You may use it to file nail, and maintain the hooves in a uniform and even stature. In some cases, it may even be used to finish the trims after cutting off some nails.


There you have them. Indeed, the tools we have showcased and described above have the wherewithal you need to enjoy some positive outcomes. With that in mind, you have no choice but to acquire and devote them to your own use. If we forgot any important horse hoof trimming tools you can inform us via the contact page.

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