Can you use the horse vacuum on the vinyl plank flooring?

Best Vacuum for Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

No. Because these vacuum cleaners are specifically designed for luxury vinyl plank floors. It is necessary to use such vacuum cleaners with proper care so that no rash and no damage can be seen on the lvp flooring due to these vacuum cleaners. They are the most compact and lightest. We simply have to direct them with our arms towards the places where we want to suck up the dust. They usually have several types of accessories, including a narrow tube for the corners or a small brush for the furniture.

Most cordless vacuum cleaners can be used as the best vacuum for vinyl floors and pets are helpful in the cleaning of luxury vinyl plank floors, which are being more powerful than a conventional handheld vacuum. It may be worth investing in a single 2-in-1 vacuum that does it all.

The best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors (domestic use) can be of several types:

  • Standard – they are valid for the home or for the car and can also suck some liquid.
  • Pet hair – used to remove hair from upholstery. They do it thanks to a motorized mini-brush.
  • Anti-mites – They incorporate a UV lamp to eliminate mites.

2) Buy a less powerful vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors

The power has to be adapted to the type of soil and dirt you want to vacuum.

You want your new vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors to remove dirt in a few seconds. You are looking for the most powerful model. However, after a few days, you find that the vacuum cleaner does not suck as it should.

  • How do you measure the power of a vacuum cleaner?
  • What vacuum cleaners are the most powerful for luxury vinyl plank floors?

One thing is the power of the motor, and another is the suction power, which is what tells you the ability to suck.

How is the suction power measured?

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors is usually measured in different magnitudes (kilopascals, watts of air), which in the end try to give an idea of ​​what’s the best vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors are capable of sucking or not?
Air Watts – number of watts used to transport an air unit from the nozzle to the reservoir.
Kilopascals – measures pressure per surface (from 1 newton to a square meter)

However, the power that they always indicate to you has two important nuances:

This is the maximum you can reach – if it is a robot or a cordless vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors, the battery drains very quickly, so it is a one-time resource.

This is a theoretical value – it is measured when the vacuum cleaner is clean. There is no accumulated dirt in the reservoir, and (most importantly) the filters are clean.

What are suction losses?
As the filters get dirty, they block the airflow, and the vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors loses suction power.

What is considered a very powerful vacuum cleaner for luxury vinyl plank floors?

Most manufacturers indicate the suction power in the 2 quantities that you already know (aw or kPa).

Take them as a reference, and especially to compare vacuum cleaners for luxury vinyl plank floors that are very similar, or even of the same brand.

Vacuum cleaner robot   2,000 Pa

Vacuums Cordless  24 kPa

At the moment:

  • Robot vacuum cleaners for luxury vinyl plank floors – 2,000 pascals (= 2 kPa) would already be a very high power.
  • Cordless vacuum cleaners for luxury vinyl plank floors – starting at 100 watts of air, the power is very high. Dyson V11 reaches 220 aw. (In kilopascals, the most powerful are 20-25 kPa)

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