Is the Large Walk Behind Lawn Mower, a better option or a Horse Lawn Mower?

What is a Large Walk Behind Lawn Mower?

A large walk behind lawn mower is a machine that, as its name implies. It is used in gardening to keep the lawn at the desired level of growth.

The drive can be completely manual (rotating blades due to movement on the ground) or motorized (electric or a combustion engine, more specifically gasoline).

It is used to cut grass in all kinds of places. The size of the machine is generally chosen based on the size of the park and the frequency of use.

Types of large walk behind lawn mower


They are lightweight and designed for small fields. They consist of a cylinder with helical blades with a horizontal axis. 

This cylinder is fixed to a pair of wheels and the mechanism. The best wide area walk behind mower is actuated with the push of whoever operates the cutter.


They can be four-wheeled or have an adapter to attach to the body of the operator. They have a plug to connect to electric current and have an internal motor with powers that vary between 750 and 1800 Watts in these large walk behind lawn mower.

best wide area walk behind mower

Combustion: This category also includes four-wheel models. But whose engine is powered by gasoline, so its autonomy is based on the capacity to store fuel that the model has? These large walk behind lawn mowers are the most used in gardening.

Tractors: In reality, they are mini tractors, whose combustion engine takes care not only of the cut but also of the transportation of the machine and the operator who operates it. 

Parts of a Large Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Blades: They are the ones that cut the grass directly.

Carburetor: Where the internal combustion process occurs.

Oil filter: Retains metal or carbon particles and protects the mower motor.

Wheels: They are in charge of moving the mower through the grass.

Bag: Cut grass gets collected

Crank: For manual cutting of the cutter.

best wide area walk behind mower

Be sure to properly maintain the large walk behind lawn mower and engine to avoid accidents or ongoing repairs. Lawn mowers are basically cooled by the air around them. So it is important, to let the machine rest when cutting large areas of grass. On the other hand, when we finish using it, doing a quick cleaning will not do it any worse. Remove the impregnated grass with a brush. Then lubricate the walk behind lawn mower blades and the blade shaft with the appropriate oil. Remove the excess gasoline; if it will not be used again for a long time. In the event that we bend or damage the blade, due to a blow. Excessive vibrations, and later breakage of the bearing or shaft. Very important: check the oil level, otherwise we will melt the engine.

Horse lawn mowers

Horse lawn mowers are not widely used as compared to the large walk behind lawn mowers. Therefore, most people preferred to use large walk behind mowers than a horse lawn mower.

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