8 Horse Hoof Care Tips

To care for the hooves of your horses, you have to adhere to some proven best practices. We devote the entire length and breadth of this article to do just that. Here, we have narrowed to and are going to look into 8 of the best hoof care tips that are more likely to yield you some good.


Tip I: Familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the hooves of your horse

Each horse is unique in its own stature. Before you can even imagine caring for its hoofs well, you have to familiarize yourself with the unique anatomy of the hooves of your horse. That way, it may now be possible for you to get to know the steps you would have to take for your horse.

Tip II: Clean the hooves regularly

As a general rule, you have to clean the hooves of your horse on a regular basis. This should preferably be once a day. The purpose of this regularity is to prevent the possibility of germs arising or things getting out of hand. Use the right procedures to do this for the best outcomes.

Tip III: Take care while lifting the feet of the horse

As you lift the feet of the horse off the shoes, you have to take great care that you do not inflict any pains. In fact, you should always see to it that you do not incline the feet at an angle as is the norm always. This might call for some training as the exercise is overall delicate.

Tip IV: Pick your horse’s hooves after each ride

horse hoof care

In the course of cleaning the hooves of the horses, you also have to pick the hooves to rid the same of any debris, rocks, twigs, nails, and other debris that may accumulate as your horse takes its rides. To do this, you have to exercise some great care and attention to the best outcomes.

Tip V: Schedule regular trimming or shoeing

Cleaning the hooves in and of themselves is not enough. You have to take the step further to trim the hooves, on a regular basis for that matter. For successful trimming, you will have to find the most suitable trimming tools for the job. Picking any at random might not give off the desired end results.

Tip VI: Carry out regular examinations and inspections

From time to time, you also have to carry out regular examinations and inspections. The purposes of this are to anticipate any impending dangers and care for them as fast as they might potentially arise. In particular, be on the lookout for cracks, abscesses, stone bruises, and laminitis.

Tip VII: Maintain the bedding of the horses clean and tidy

Other than the horse itself, you also have to extend the same strict cleaning regimes to the bedding of the horses. This is a task you accomplish principally by maintaining the bedding of the horses in a perpetual state of tidiness and absolute cleanliness. Avoid muddy or dusty areas as well.

Tip VIII: Administer a balanced diet to your horse

The diet the horse feeds on also counts. That is because it has the ability to make or break the situation. For this reason, you have to insist on a diet that is balanced, rich and full of anti-inflammatory ingredients. Needless to say, you also have to incorporate plenty of water into your regime.


The tips above no doubt have the ability to maintain the hooves of your horses in the best shape and form all the time. All you now have to do is adhere to them as strictly as you possibly can. If and when you happen to get lost, try incorporating the intervention of a trained expert. All the best!

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