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Horse Hoof Care Tips

8 Horse Hoof Care Tips

To care for the hooves of your horses, you have to adhere to some proven best practices. We devote the entire length and breadth of this article to do just that. Here, we have narrowed to and are going to look into 8 of the best hoof care tips that are more likely to yield you some good. 8 HORSE HOOF CARE TIPS Tip I: Familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the hooves of your horse Each horse is unique in its own stature. Before you can even imagine caring for its hoofs well, you have to familiarize yourself with […]

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Horse Hoof Cleaning Tips And Tools

Horses, just like any other animal, also do sustain dirt from time to time. They hence have to be cleaned to prevent the germs from spilling over and possibly rendering them too sick. To clean them well, you have to adhere to some tips and make use of some cleaning tools. A. Horse Hoof Cleaning Tips Tip I: Protect the hooves of your horses during hauling Your first and foremost priority should be to protect the hooves of your horses during hauling. This you do principally by covering the hooves and the heels. The material you use has to be […]

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What Horse Hoof Trimming Tools Do You Need To Trim Horse Hooves?

Read here what is horse hoof trimming tools do you need to trim horse hooves? This article will help you find the basic farrier tools for your horse. The hooves of horses usually grow too long from time to time. This requires that you trim to keep the same in shape. You have to make use of some pieces of equipment to do that. These form the basis of our discussions here. 10 Basic Horse Hoof Trimming Tools Hoof Tester Even before attempting to trim the hooves of the horses, you have to test and find out if there be […]

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